This Holiday Season

If you, like many, are away on vacation this season, maybe you would like to let people know when they send you an email.

This can easily be done by logging into your email account via OPQ’s webmail. Log in using your email address as the username and your email account password.

Once logged in, click on settings in the top right hand corner. This will open up the configuration screen. There are many options available here, including ‘Change Password’. Choose ‘Vacation Message’ and you will see the below:


Enable the Auto-responder by clicking the box to the right. Enter something in the ‘Subject’ like “I’m Away!”. Then fill in the Message box with whatever you would like to say to anyone who emails you. That’s all there is to it.

Before moving on, have a look a some of the other options. Changing the password on your email account on a regular basis is always a good idea and helps to keep your emails safe. This is where you can do this too.

And as always, if you are driving this holiday season, please take care and enjoy the break!



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