The Silly Season

The Silly Season

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The silly season is upon us. The lead up to, what shall we call it it to avoid any PC traps.. Holiday Season? Christmas?  Year End? Hopefully bonus time? Whatever excites you about this final march towards 2019, be aware.

Other players are afoot at this time of year.

We can imagine the attraction opportune thieves have as the shops get ever busier during this period and a large majority will eventually vacate their homes to go on …vacation.

Likewise our brothers and sisters that occupy the underbelly of the Internet,  know that computer users at this time of year are;

  • more likely to be spending their on line time involved in ‘non work related’ activities
  • more likely to be distracted by the upcoming ‘what have you’ season.
  • more likely to click links like ‘unsubscribe’ in what looks like normal emails
  • more likely to fall prey to ‘phishing

And so dear reader, and thank you for reading thus far, we ask you to think once, think twice and simply because it’s that season, think once more before opening any email that looks even remotely odd, clicking on any link that promises to remove you from a mailing list, accept a parcel you weren’t expecting or even, season forbid shower you with $$$$$!…

Okay, okay. See? Silly Season. Gets people all carried away. We hope that nonetheless you, dear reader, take the point, take care and most of all enjoy this seasonal ascent into another year.

And remember, if that offer sounds too good to be true. It is. It truly is.

Stay vigilant!

Edit: Watch out for Microsoft Office™ documents attachments, Word™, Excel™, etc. There is an upsurge in these types of SPAM.

Did you know?

In forn parts the Silly Season is often referred to as “slow news season” in North America, and sometimes as “dog days of summer” in South Africa and the Antipodes.

More on SPAM – if you can stomach it.

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