Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

OPQ Code of Conduct


OPQ respect the right to freedom of speech and expression

OPQ respect the right of Internet users to personal privacy and privacy of communications.

OPQ ’s staff respect the confidentiality of customers personal information and will not gather, retain, sell or distribute such information to any other party without the consent of the customer, except where required to do so by law.

OPQ undertake to inform their customers that the staff of OPQ NET are bound by this code of conduct.

OPQ’s staff will not send or promote the sending of unsolicited bulk email and will take reasonable measures to ensure that their networks are not used by others for this purpose.

OPQ provide a facility for dealing with complaints regarding unsolicited bulk email originating from their networks and will react expeditiously to complaints received.

OPQ will take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access, interception or interference with any data.

OPQ undertake to provide Internet access customers with information about procedures and software applications which can be used to assist in the control and monitoring of minors’ access to Internet content.

OPQ will operate in accordance with established Internet best practices, as set out in the various request for comment (RFC) documents and as mandated from time to time by established and respected Internet governance structures.

OPQ reserves the right to make alterations to this code of conduct from time to time. The current code of conduct and a history of any changes made will be maintained on the OPQ website.


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