OPQ Services

OPQ Services


OPQ offers domain registration whether your requirement is .co.bw or .com or anything else available.

Why would you want a domain name? It’s more personal and professional to have your own email domain name that belongs to you. Maybe you would like to promote your business with a web site. Contact us with the name you have in mind and we’ll check availability and pricing for you.


Most OPQ Internet packages come with mailboxes. These mailboxes will look something like yourname@nullopq.co.bw and each mailbox has a generous 2GB storage space, which can be upgraded. We can also host “yourdomain” mailboxes on our servers. In addition we can host your domain and route your email to your own servers.

All inbound email is scanned for common viruses, malware and SPAM before it gets to your inbox or mail server.

All OPQ hosted mailboxes are backed up every 5 mins.

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Hosting Web Sites

OPQ offer web site hosting services on our servers. We offer all the usual, industry standard tools like CPanel, WordPress etc. Do you need to use your own hardware? Contact us to discover what we can offer for co-locating in our data centres.

Data Circuits And Point to Point Links

Given the growth and availability of Botswana’s national fibre network, data circuits are rarely requested. Data circuits are direct links between two sites using telecommunications transport. OPQ offer data circuits via Botswana Telecom.

OPQ provides P2P and Metro Ethernet over our own wireless infrastructure or via fibre.

These link types are ostensibly for data transfer and do not include Internet access. Internet access is a separate services that can also be provisioned on these link types. A typical use case is a company with satellite offices. Internet is provided at the company’s HQ and the satellite offices connect to the HQ for their Internet access.

Off Site Backup

Backing up data is obviously important but are you doing enough? Your basic strategy should have three levels. First is a back up of data ‘on machine’, second an ‘off machine backup’ and third an ‘off site’ backup. Your backup media won’t be much use if it is stolen or burnt to nothing in a fire. That’s where OPQ can help. Contact us for more details.

Firewall / Proxy Filtering Server

Is your network and Internet connection being abused? Do you need to protect your users from certain sites? OPQ have the solution for you. Block staff access to Facebook etc. Keep your youngsters away from porn sites and social media and much more. Call us to find out how we can help.


This package requires a once-off installation of

P1,200.00 excl. VAT

Want to spread the cost? Select options from the

'Installation Fee' menu.

*N.B. An 8% handling charge is added for spreading set-up

costs over 2 months, and 10% for the 3-month option.

This is a shared package.

Contention ratio sharing: 4:1

More information about Contention Ratios

Looking for dedicated, unshared connections? Contact us to discuss your needs.