Home Classic Professional

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P321.43 excl.

3 Mbps / 3 Mbps – Shared

This packages requires a refundable security deposit.

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  • Security Deposit


Classic packages are entry level, light use connections for browsing, social media, email etc.

How Much Speed Do You Need?

These are guidelines only and are base on single user / single device use.
Streaming video—standard definition (SD)1.5-3 Mbps
Streaming video—high definition (HD) 5-8 Mbps
Streaming video—4K / Ultra HD25 Mbps
Streaming music1-5 Mbps
Gaming1.5-4 Mbps
Downloading large files (HD movies, torrents)5-50 Mbps
Making video calls0.5-1.5 Mbps
Checking email and social media1 Mbps



4 reviews for Home Classic Professional

  1. Kgosi

    Is the security deposit payable monthly

    • OPQsysAdmin

      Good day,

      Unfortunately this is not possible.

      We had to instigate this procedure for some levels of packages due to the prevalence of non payments and loss of OPQ equipment; this can push prices up for our customers.

      We prefer to devote our resources to providing quality services.

      We trust you can appreciate the reasoning.

      Kind regards,

  2. Angela

    So the security of the home basic is paid at the beginning of installation..
    How long do you take to install after full payment?

    • OPQsysAdmin

      Good day,

      Generally upon receipt of payment installation is completed within three working days.

      Our team will usually call you to come and complete payment when they have scheduled the install which, more often than not, is next day.


  3. Dr. Beauty Mwera Muzadzi

    Is this package unlimited?

    • OPQsysAdmin

      Good day,

      Yes, there is no data limit with this package.


  4. Dean Mosarwa

    good morning..

    can i please get a quote specifying which packages are of free installation as mention above…
    and do i need to pay through this site or come to your office …



    • OPQsysAdmin

      Good day,

      We do not charge for installation. However, the lower end packages will require a returnable security deposit. As you browse the packages, the information on the page will show whether a security deposit is required for that particular package or not.

      Whilst you can place the order straight from the web site (which will serve as a quote), we do not process any payment directly from the site.

      Once we have verified details and if necessary performed a site survey you weill need to come to our offices to make the initial payment.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

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