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June 26, 2017

P232.15 excl.

5 Mbps / 5 Mbps – Shared

This packages requires a refundable security deposit.

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  • Security Deposit


Classic packages are entry level, light use connections for browsing, social media, email etc.

How Much Speed Do You Need?

These are guidelines only and are base on single user / single device use.
Streaming video—standard definition (SD)1.5-3 Mbps
Streaming video—high definition (HD) 5-8 Mbps
Streaming video—4K / Ultra HD25 Mbps
Streaming music1-5 Mbps
Gaming1.5-4 Mbps
Downloading large files (HD movies, torrents)5-50 Mbps
Making video calls0.5-1.5 Mbps
Checking email and social media1 Mbps


"8" Comments
  1. For how long is the contract? Will I be able to switch to fibre once it’s available?

    • Good day,

      Contracts for our products are generally 12 months.

      Upgrading or switching connection types is always an available an option.


  2. I would like to have a quatation for both 12 and 24 months for the first two lower price for your product.Am staying at Block 3, some few blocks from planet lodge.Thank you

  3. Good evening
    How much is the security deposit? When is it refundable? What are the requirements for applying?

    • Good day,

      Security deposits are denoted on the products page for each package. Not all packages require security deposits.

      Security deposits are returned at contract end when all OPQ equipment has been collected.

      See our current advisory: OPQ Operations.


  4. Is this package contract based?

    • Good day,

      Yes, it is contract-based.

      Please chat with an agent online for further information.


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