SPAM – Part 4

How To Be Proactive Against SPAM In this, the final part of the series, we are going to look at ways to fight back, develop good habits and gain better control of our inboxes. Never Respond To SPAM If  you’re certain an email is spam before you open it, don’t open it. If you open…

8-Character Windows NTLM Passwords Can Be Cracked In Under 2.5 Hours

“The eight character password is dead.” tl;dr : Still using NTLM? It’s out of date, upgrade and stay safe. “..It’s dead at least in the context of hacking attacks on organisations that rely on Windows and Active Directory. NTLM is an old Microsoft authentication protocol that has since been replaced with Kerberos.”

NASA pulls the plug on Opportunity

NASA bids emotional farewell to its cocky, hardworking RC science car on Mars. Amazing what you can achieve on unforgiving dust world over 15 years with a 20MHz RISC CPU and a bunch of probes – El Reg

SPAM – Part 3

Continuing with this series we are going to look at: how we can spot SPAM and tell the difference from legitimate email adjust our emailing habits to protect our email identities Things have moved on significantly since those early days back in 1990. Email remains the killer messaging app in terms of sheer volume of…

Not So Secure Touch ID

Watch Out For A Clever Touch Id Scam Hitting The App Store One of the joys of Touch ID is how seamlessly it works. It rarely takes more than an instant to unlock your iPhone or approve a purchase. But recently a handful of scam apps have turned that ease of use against anyone unlucky enough…

“Not So Smart” GCHQ

GCHQ’s not-so-smart idea to spy on encrypted messaging apps is branded ‘absolute madness’. Image: CHELTENHAM, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 17: A general view of the 24 hour Operations Room inside GCHQ. Click image for full story from TechCrunch™