OPQ FTTx – Managed Fiber Services

OPQ Fiber

OPQ FTTx – Managed Fiber Services

OPQ powers up the Internet to our customers over fiber.

OPQ FTTx – why switch to Fibre?

OPQ – FTTx (Fiber To The x=anywhere) has many benefits other than speed. Since fiber optic cables send data much faster (approaching the speed of light), they’re better suited for long-distance communication, so they carry much of the Internet’s data.

Since the fiber conduit is made of glass or plastic, they’re less susceptible to interference from power lines, electrical equipment, and lightning effects, and is not at all affected by radio frequency interference.

Fiber to the home or business is the ultimate answer to bandwidth-hungry applications like high-definition television and high-speed broadband. This is accomplished by providing fiber access to individual customers.

Fibre is easily scalable up to 1Gbps without affecting data transfer speed, unlike wireless solutions.

Isn’t Fibre more expensive?

While nothing can match the bandwidth and speed fiber optics offers in communications and data movement, the technology does come at a slightly higher cost than, say, the delivery over wireless links.

Is Fibre available to my business?

Please fill out the contact form below, and we’ll check the availability of OPQ FTTx for you.

Is Fibre available in my area?

Every effort is being made to provide fiber to homes and businesses.


You may have been visited by subcontractors that have already installed equipment to enable fiber to your home, in which case, let us know using the contact form below, and we’ll get you connected.

If fiber is not available in your area at the moment, we will connect via microwave radio links until it is.

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