OPQ Upgrades Internet Packages

OPQ Upgrades Internet Packages

OPQ are happy to let our customers and future clients know that all shared wireless packages have been upgraded.

Upgraded packages will be active from 1st Jul 2021.

The best part? The extra speed comes at no extra cost!

What can we do for you?

Have a look at our wireless shared packages:

See here for an explanation of what OPQ’s shared Internet packages contain and what you can expect.

OPQ Team

4 thoughts on “OPQ Upgrades Internet Packages”

  1. Could you please help me decide in which speed will be suitable for playing online games on my playstation, and i also want to know if you contract can be paid forward and also i want to know that your Internet is really uncapped because i ran into a problem with mascom telling me that i have reached a certain amount of GB hence they will reduce my speed to 1mbps yet they said it’s unlimited, i guess you get my point

    1. Good day,

      Apologies for the late response.

      I would suggest starting with a 10Mb package. You can always upgrade later if needed.

      Our services are billed monthly in advance. You may pay in advance and discounts are available for advance payments. Contact accounts for further information.

      All of our packages are uncapped.

      I suggest you chat with an agent online for any further queries you may have.


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