Please be aware there is a phishing scam on the Internet that pretends to be OPQ. We have had reports that this below screenshot pops up when accessing Google drive.

THIS IS NOT AN OPQ PROMOTION, do not click any link on this pop up.

Scan and clean your PC for viruses and malware.

Looking at the URL (web address) you can see that it is not in fact OPQ.

If in doubt please contact us.
OPQ Team.

2 thoughts on “OPQ SCAM ALERT”

  1. Can you please send a direct and specific email about this to all your customers. With a bold heading. This is serious. I only see this pop up when I am at home on the OPQ network.

    1. Good day,

      Yes, we have done so. We have also sent the warning via all our social media outlets.


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