How to maximise your Internet

How to maximise your Internet

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To maximise your Internet connection you will need to manage, as best you can, your connected devices and the various apps that use the Internet to function. Examples of this are emails/attachments, torrent downloads, Whatsapp, Youtube.

There are many ways to monitor your devices but we’re not able to cover them here. ¬†Google will be able to guide you better about your specific devices.

However, we will mention the most common culprit that gobbles up all your bandwidth (or speed) – torrents. The file sharing protocol is fantastic at sharing files, particularly large ones. Unfortunately there are no built in limitations and left to it’s own devices torrent downloads will jam up your Internet so you can hardly browse a web page.

If you do use torrent file sharing we recommend using the client software uTorrent. It is incredibly easy to use and is very flexible to configure. Under the preferences you can schedule on what day(s), at what time(s) and how much bandwidth your torrent downloads can use.

This is just one example of how to keep your connection maximised.

Further help and information can be found by following this link.

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