How to Maximise Your Internet – Revisited

How to Maximise Your Internet – Revisited

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In an earlier article we briefly discussed the ways in which your Internet connection can be impacted and some of the basic things to be aware of.

Revisiting the topic, we hope to include some more detail and cover some other areas that you may need to check.

  • CLEAN SWEEP – Ensure your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware applications are up to date and run scans on a regularly, preferably automatically. Malware and viruses can seriously degrade even the fastest connections and most up-to-date computers.
  • BE AWARE – When not in use, close any browsers, plug-ins or add-ons . It’s possible these applications are running in the background without you  knowing.
  • SECURE CONNECTION – Make sure your Wi-Fi and network are not being abused by third parties. OPQ pre-configure Wi-Fi modems and routers with strong passwords and/or passwords provided by our customers. These Wi-Fi passwords have a habit of becoming known and before you know it your entire neighbourhood could be strangling your Internet access. If you are unable to view/monitor or change settings on your modem/router, please contact the helpdesk, always available to assist.
  • WI-FI MODEM/ROUTER PLACEMENT – The further away you are from your wi-Fi access point, the weaker the signal, the slower the link.  Try to position your Wi-Fi access point in as much clear space as possible to the areas you will want to connect your devices. Obstructions between you and your Wi-Fi like walls, floors, ceilings etc. will degrade the signal.
  • OTHER DEVICES – Let’s face it, if you have children in the house they will probably be streaming music, watching YouTube videos or playing games online, sometimes at the same time, and that can have a big impact on your speed. This holds true for the office space too!
  • SCHEDULED & AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS –  Your computer may be downloading automatic updates. Downloading these large files can often consume all available bandwidth, potentially slowing down your entire connection. Where possible schedule your operating system updated/virus definitions etc. to make updates during a time when it will not affect your general usage.
  • POOR MEMORY – Having a computer with adequate memory is a must if you want to get the most out of your internet speed. Your web browser has a ‘Temporary Internet Files’ cache, which stores a record of everything you’ve downloaded, such as images, web pages and cookies. This takes up space on your computer, and can cause it to run slower. Clearing your cookies, cache and browser history on a regular basis will help your system run at optimum speed.
  • UPGRADE YOUR COMPUTERS AND SPEED – Computers slow down over time and online activities change too. A higher speed may not have been necessary when you signed up for services, but may be required now to fit your needs. Also, it’s no surprise, newer computers generally run faster.

So, there you have it. A few more things to consider when your Internet seems to be operating slowly.

Either way, if you are till experiencing problems, our staff are always here to help. Call us or open a ticket with OPQ’s helpdesk.


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