How Employees Unwittingly Sabotage Security

How Employees Unwittingly Sabotage Security

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It’s a sad fact that criminal activity on today’s Internet has become the major factor for any business.

It is also a sad fact that whilst many companies invest heavily in security products and policies these efforts are largely ineffectual. Why? Because all the fancy gadgets and security protocols are often implemented by the least informed employees. E.g. pick a super market, any supermarket. Imagine the high level and expensive security measures put in place by the clearing banks (so you can ‘swipe your card’) at the supermarket. All the expensive IT security, complex systems of authentication and policies are watched over and implemented by the girl at the checkout till.

It’s past time thinking about security in this overly connected world. Businesses need to wake up to the fact that cyber security should be the number one priority and that all¬†staff using any connected device are fully informed and fully aware of the issues.

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Employers should develop cybersecurity protocols and invest more in employee training programs.

How Employees Unwittingly Sabotage Security


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