Flexible Payment Options from OPQ

Flexible Payment Options from OPQ

✨ Spread the Cost Over 3 Monthly Installments! ✨

flexible payment optionsAt OPQ, we understand that these are challenging times with the current state of world economies and slow recovery. However, we believe in supporting our valued customers, so we offer flexible payment options for installation and activation fees to ease your financial burden.

You can now spread the cost of installation and activation fees with up to three manageable monthly installments. This means you can enjoy our exceptional services without worrying about upfront expenses!

Our commitment to providing a seamless experience extends beyond our products and services. We want to ensure you can afford our solutions’ convenience and benefits, regardless of the current economic climate.

Why Choose OPQ’s Flexible Payment Options?

✅ Financial Relief: Budgets can be tight, and unexpected expenses can be overwhelming. By offering options for your installation and activation fees, we aim to alleviate some of that burden.

✅ Manageable Installments: Our three monthly installments make it easier for you to plan your finances accordingly. You’ll have the flexibility to pay off the fees without straining your budget.

✅ Superior Service: OPQ is renowned for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction. You can experience our top-quality services without compromise by availing of our flexible payment options.

We are committed to helping our customers during these challenging times. By offering flexible payment options for installation and activation fees, OPQ aims to make our services accessible to everyone.

Contact our customer service team to take advantage of this offer, who will gladly guide you.

At OPQ, we are dedicated to supporting you and delivering outstanding solutions while considering the economic realities we all face. Trust us to be your reliable partner in navigating through these uncertain times.

🌟 Discover OPQ’s flexible payment options today and enjoy the convenience you deserve! 🌟

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This package requires a once-off installation of

P1,200.00 excl. VAT

Want to spread the cost? Select options from the

'Installation Fee' menu.

*N.B. An 8% handling charge is added for spreading set-up

costs over 2 months, and 10% for the 3-month option.

This is a shared package.

Contention ratio sharing: 4:1

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