Covid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 18/04/2020

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opq-logoCovid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 18/04/2020

Dear Valued Clients,

We are glad to note that during the National  Emergency lock down period, delays have reduce dramatically. OPQ have resumed site survey and install operations. We are still confined to operating between 8am-8pm therefore we thank you for your continued patience at this time.

Please note changes to the following:

  • OPQ offices are currently closed to the general public at this time because of the need for extreme social distancing.
  • New applications are being accepted via our web site only. No payment is required.
  • From Monday 20/04/2020 OPQ will resume site surveys and installations. New applications will be queued on a first come first serve basis therefore please note the previous point.
  • Support calls will be served as per schedule in the support ticket system
  • Because our offices are currently closed, all payments need to be made on line, via EFT, ATM, etc.

Covid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 18/04/2020 – changes:

OPQ have completed delivery of the 50% free capacity offered by BoFiNet to our residential customers. Most issues relating to the delivery of this upgrade have now been resolved.

Please be advised, when on site, OPQ staff will be observing all recommended hygiene protocols, likewise we urge our customers to do the same.

Please use all the normal channels to contacts us. Or chat on line here on the web site for live assistance.

Stay Home & Keep Safe!

6 thoughts on “Covid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 18/04/2020”

  1. Thank you very much. Kindly help me at your very earliest convenience. thanks

    1. Good day,

      Please either make an on line order as per the above post, or contact us for assistance.


  2. Good morning…

    This is great news… I’m looking forward to your site survey… I long applied last month…

    And again.. how are we goin to pay of your offices are currently closed for the public? After site survey?

  3. I would like to connect internet at home, but please clarify the difference between monthly payments and deposits…is the deposit the same and once off?

    1. Good day,

      Some products require a security deposit which is once off and returnable on completion of the contract and the equipment has been collected.


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