Covid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 09/04/2020

opq-logoCovid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 09/04/2020

Dear Valued Clients,

We have resolved the issues revolving around Essential Travel Permits use during the Covid-19 lock down period and OPQ has resumed operations.

Please note no change in the following:

  • At this time we are accepting new applications via our web site only. No payment is required.
  • New applications will be queued but currently no new installations are taking place.
  • Support calls will be served as per schedule in the support ticket.
  • All payments need to be made on line, ┬ávia ATM etc.

Covid-19 OPQ Operations Notice 09/04/2020 –┬áchanges:

OPQ have begun delivering the 50% free capacity offered by BoFiNet. We are rolling out the upgrades in phases to deliver this to all our customers. More importantly, It is expected we will have completed the residential upgrades by close of business today.

Because of the lock down, more people are working from home. Therefore residential upgrades with be prioritised at this time.

OPQ staff will be observing all recommended hygiene protocols. We urge our customers to do the same.

All our administration staff, normally at the office, are working from home. Please use all the normal channels to contacts us. Or chat on line here on the web site.

Keep well

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