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OPQ is an Internet provider in Botswana servicing customers via its own wireless wide area networks in Gaborone and Francistown, nationwide via Metro Ethernet and national fibre.

OPQ, born and bred in Botswana, was formed in response for the perceived need for an Internet Service Provider in Botswana that could provide true quality of service to clients in terms of both reliability and customer service. We are pleased to report that since inception 12 years ago OPQ have achieved these goals and have built a solid and loyal customer base.

OPQ were one of the founding members of both the Botswana Internet Service Provider’s Association (BISPA) and the Botswana Internet Exchange (BINX). The BINX was designed as a facility to pass traffic between locally connected ISPs and PTOs keeping local traffic local. The benefits to our customers are lower cost of Internet access and faster access to locally connected services. A further recent accomplishment of the BINX is the siting of Google’s caching servers connected directly on site at the BINX. Now all cached Google data is available locally on OPQ’s network. This includes high speed streaming data such as You Tube.

OPQ, as an innovative service provision company, is often copied but rarely equalled. OPQ introduced 24 hour support lines, SMS alert systems to let clients know of planned and unplanned outages. OPQ were also the first Internet provider to install Wi-Fi routers as standard, creating hot spots for everyone. OPQ’s exemplary service delivery record is achieved as a result of total ownership of the wireless network.

OPQ provide the highest quality of service and customer support. OPQ’s Network Operation Centre staffed by qualified technicians and support personnel enable OPQ to maintain the highest standards in provisioning an efficient, reliable and consistent service for our customers.

In response to recent and continuing power supply problems, OPQ have invested heavily in solar arrays and redundant power supply systems. OPQ’s core network, Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre are now able to operate independently of mains supply, when the need arises, for indefinite periods of time.

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30 thoughts on “About us…”

  1. Hi, I would like to use your services. Can you sell me your products.
    What are the requirements for one to subscribe to you

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your interest.

      You may browse our products from the menu.

      Requirements differ slightly depending on the product. Please call for any clarification needed.

      1. Hi adimin,


        I’m currently working in AT&T Global business solutions, India. I would like to join your company and I would like to migrate to Gaborone.

        Please let me know if there a any vacancy over there.

        Thanks and regards.

        Sankar M.

        1. Good day,

          OPQ do not have any current openings with the company, however please submit your CV via the contact page.


    1. Good day,

      Thank you for contacting OPQ.

      We do have coverage but in your area only via ADSL.

      Do you have a land line capable of using ADSL?


  2. Good day,

    It should be possible to connect via a wireless link. Please contact our office to arrange a free survey.


  3. Your site is so hard to navigate and cannot get simple info.

    What are your rates? Bandwidth+Throughput?
    What’s the contract period?
    What’s required?
    Connectivity lead time?

    Respond here. Thanks.

    Whatsapp number?

    1. Good day,

      Thank you for you enquiry and feedback.

      The information you have asked for varies from package to package.

      Clicking the “Get Connected” link from our web site should take you, step by step, through the package selection process.

      Our Whatsapp contact number is displayed as a popup on the web site and should appear in the bottom right of the browser window.

      For further assistance please use the “Contact Us” link from our web site.


  4. Are they servers in Botswana for latency/ping cause on the Ookla speed test servers i get about 10-80 ping but when I try other websites for speed tests its 300-500? And do you support IPv6

    1. Good day,

      If you are using the Ookla network for testing BTC has a server in Gaborone that you can select from the Ookla site. This will give the most accuracy across national networks. The further the server is away from the source testing point the higher the latency will be…

      More information can be found here

      As far as I know the BTC Ookla testing server does not support IPV6 currently.


    1. Good day,

      Currently we do not support IPV6 as, simply put, there is no requirement.

      If you have a project that warrants the use of IPV6 OPQ may be able to assist, depending on the size of the project.

      Please contact support@nullopq.co.bw if this is the case; we are always happy to discuss technical projects.


    1. Good day,

      Apologies for the delay in replying.

      In Ramotswa we offer only two type of service. ADSL via your land line and radio links.

      Please contact support@nullopq.co.bw directly for more information.

      Kind regards,

    1. Good day.

      We do cover Mahalapye. There are some limitations with ADSL. Please call on 397 3945 or you may chat live with an agent via the web site for further information.


  5. Hi I have a friend who lives in Gaborone,I would like to enquire as to the cost of obtaining the internet in her property

  6. Good morning
    I would like it if your internet could be installed in my area. GABORONE Zola to be exact.. Is that possible and is the internet signal strength good there..

    1. Good day,

      We can connect you in Mochudi.

      We will contact you shortly to discuss the options.


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